Recent published funding opportunities:

Funding Number Funding Title
P19AS00421 Historical Ecology to Understand Human Responses to Environmental and Climate Change: Research, National Register Nomination, and Public Interpretation of Two Archeological Sites at Redwood National Park
NPS NOI 19 1375 Interns to assist with maintenance on heavily used trails
NPSNOIORPI1900875 Wildlife Natural Resource Internship
NPS 19 NERO 0064 Spindle City Corps Cormmunity Ranger Interns
P19AS00282 Traditional Trades Apprenticeship Program
P19AS00120 Using Stress and Stable Isotope Signatures to Infer Environmental Conditions Linked to the Unprecedented Die-Off of Common Murres Wintering in National Park Waters.
P18AS00082 Manage Travel for Tribal Consultants and Subsistence Resource Council Members Associated with Katmai National Park and Preserve
P18AS00476 Museum and Archives Cataloging, Access and Preservation
NPSNOIYELL1800887 Cache Creek Trail Improvement Project
P18AS00074 Engaging Colorado Front Range Youth and Local Communities at Rocky Mountain National Park through Conservation Projects
P18AS00109 Yosemite National Park Front and Back Country Trail Rehabilitation Work - Greenwood Crew
P18AS00068 Remediate Resource Issues in Lake Roosevelt NRA Caused by Landslide
NPSNOICANY1800083 Protect and Enhance Native Vegetation for Park Rivers and Grasslands
P17AS00782 Landbird Monitoring within the North Coast and Cascades Network National Parks
NOIP17AC01222 Management for the Conservation of Park Grasslands
NPS 17 NERO 0155 YMCA Youth Interns
P17AS00331 Data Warehouse for Air Quality Modeling
NPS 17 NERO 0102 FLNI 2017 Youth Cultural Landscapes Maintenance Crew
P17AS00300 Assess Impacts of Tatanka Complex and Maple Fires on Cultural Resources
P17AS00277 NCR Cultural Resources Phase III CR-GIS Spatial Data Development
P17AS00048 State, Tribal, Local, Plans and Grants Fellowship


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